Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The New Old Gym...Who builds a 20 yard pool?

For the last two years I've been going to a swanky gym that has just finished being completely redesigned. It is great...now. One major problem - the indoor pool is 20 yards.

20 yard pools were all the rage in the 1950s-1970s. 5 laps to a 100 yard swim. If I swam hard - two or three strokes to get across the pool and flip turn. The pool is completely useless except for water aerobics, walking and rehab.

We will be leaving this gym effective at the end of this month. In the survey, I blasted gym management for having a $45M renovation and not redoing the indoor pool. The outdoor pool is fabulous! 6 lanes - 5 foot to 12 foot deep and a lovely outdoor setting; except we live in Chicago which means that we have already had two frosts and temps have hit 31.2 F already at my house three times and we are in October.

The People
I guess the people at this gym are one of the things I don't get most. I am not one of these people. Yesterday they were all out.

a) The 45 to 50 something skanky woman with long bleached hair, full makeup and jewelry with the 400 cc saline additions (either that or baseballs were implanted on her pecs), tight yoga pants and a half shirt doing lat pulls and other free weights looking for unsuspecting males

b) "Grunter" - the 40 yr old male with orange skin and muscles by Rx. Known for grunting through sets of not really a lot of weight and carrying a gallon of distilled water in the gym daily

c) "Fabio" - the 20 something trainer who is too sexy for his own bad self and all the female trainers and clients, needs all of his fingers and toes to count to 20

d) "600 ccs" - of saline. Grunter's girlfriend. Also with orange skin

e) "Cell phone Sally" - brings a mobile on the treadmill and talks most of her 40 minute run

f) "iPod Issac" - jammin' tunes and getting the ear bud line caught in the weights

g) "High School Musical" - HS girls with matching tennis outfits or matching yoga pants/top/shoes "working out" but magically not sweating. The HS males lifting small weights and then checking themselves out in the mirror

h) Me - sweating, out-of-breath in and out of the gym. Swimming laps in the 20 yard pool. Putting out wattage at an amazing rate (compared to others in the class) in a spin class.

There's more to a gym than just the facility.

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