Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I'm not a real big "Halloween" guy. Now, that I am a bit older...I don't get into it. It was fun in my 20s and there are stories which are totally inappropriate for most conversations.

Today, I am "Bob the Builder" at work as our entire office has dressed up. (We will do anything for a $25 gas card.) I have safety glass, some wrenches, some spare parts, duct tape, a hammer and a screw driver in a yellow pail. (Tim and Nikki Hola gave Lorrie and I the pail for sand castles in the Caribbean when we got married.)

Today at work we have princesses, babies, an insane asylum inmate (with corporate logo), a nun (played by a woman who is noticably pregnant BTW), a witch (one our governance and rules people) and many more.

Have a great Halloween.

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