Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Vince!

My cousin is 29 today. (My cousin Vinny.) Vince is a great "kid". We run together - his easy runs are my tempo runs. We gamble together. Hit the comedy clubs together. We are really close.

Vince is the oldest son of my Godmother Nancy (my mom's sister). I remember when Vince came home from the hospital as a baby and I was 10. He was always running as a little kid. Today, Vince is all of about 128 lbs. about 70 lbs. smaller than I am currently- but he was a NCAA Div. I runner and when you put a runner like Vince and a swimmer like me at a buffet it is no contest. Normally, I am about 30-35 lbs. bigger than Vince and it is all chest, arms and legs. Although, Vince is known around our house as "quadimodo".

Ladies...all the 29 year old good, smart guys are not all taken.

I am trying to get Vince to get into triathlon. He is a good swimmer without any real training. A great water skier and tubing partner (so he has core strength). We mountain bike a lot on vacation and he can run. Here are his Chicago Marathon numbers that he is "disappointed" with...this was his third marathon. Guys in the 25 -29 age group better pray he doesn't get into their division in a triathlon soon.

Clock Time

Chip Time

Overall Place
632 / 31347

Gender Place
571 / 17679

Division Place
136 / 31347

Net 5K

Net 10K

Net Half

See you Friday night for dinner and the IMPROV Vince! Bring some extra cash for Elgin's Grand Victoria Casino!

It's gonna be a late night (or early morning)! Remember....6 AM in Chicago is only 1 AM in Kona! I am sooo still in Hawaii mentally even though the body has been in Chicago for 13 days.

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