Monday, October 6, 2008

Feelings & Scooped By Kevin McKinnon

Well...I haven't been able to talk to Ryan Van Praet from Canada yet. I'm sure I'll see him in Kona this week. Kevin McKinnon from Ironmanlive scooped me! (Damn it.) Ryan is the real deal; no fake feelings or anything there. Read the article on him at I'll try to get more of the "real" Ryan from him and post it here so when you see him in can say you know him.

Fake feelings. You see them when a little kid crys and then when someone looks the water works stop. Conversations with someone you'd like to avoid for whatever reason. Any conversation with someone from southern California. Acting! Genius! Thank you! (Jon Lovitz as master thespian on SNL.)

Readers of this blog know that I don't sugar coat what is out there; the 800 lbs. gorilla in the room so here goes.

I genuinely identify with what Bob and Maryann Blais have gone through. Not in loosing a son, but in a grandparent; my grandmother was mis-diagnosed with an ulcer - was cancer. At the time...a very survivable cancer. Six years later, it was not. We heard a lot about how much the doctors care and were upset to "lose" my grandmother to cancer. Try incompetence and haste. Why didn't someone with the medical knowledge DO SOMETHING? We also lost my grandfather to a treatable cancer. The key word here is TREATABLE.

Why should you - the endurance athlete care? Well, ALS doesn't care if you are a triathlete, marathoner or cyclist; you have a 85% greater chance of getting ALS as a member of the endurance athlete population versus the general population. How do you feel about ALS now?

ALS and survivor are never used in a sentence.

ALS and treatment are never used together.

ALS "treatment" is the same as when Lou Gehrig got it in 1939...they slap you on the back and wish you luck. Does anyone else really get pissed about this too?

Not yet anyway...

The ALS Spin-a-thon is the Saturday after Super Bowl Sunday in February. Plan to be at an event now if you care. Don't tell me you'd "love to help out" and then be a no show. I've had a lot of these conversations lately. So many so that I haven't even talked to my buddy John Wolski about them because it would just piss him off. I'll let him know when I have someone we can count on; we have too much going on.

When you tell me you care and then don't show up or do anything...your true feelings show. This is worse than telling me that you just can't make it. Oh...we'll get over it. For every person who stands us up, blows us off, doesn't call until the day of the event and then show up wondering where the TV cameras are there are two or three people who show up who inspire everyone from within. Would these people show if there were no books, articles, radio or TV coverage in this reality show world? I understand that there is only so much time in the day; be honest and stretch a bit to contribute.

Those feelings will last a lifetime while the others are forgotten as their shooting star fades into irrelevance.

Rock the house Ryan! You are a global hero in the true sense of the word.

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