Monday, October 27, 2008

Big Winner!

Friday night (and into Saturday morning) Vince, Lorrie, my dad and I went to the Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin, IL. Normally, I don't like putting any of my money at risk, however, if you limit what you are willing to lose no big deal. Gambling at any casino...sooner or later, you will lose and lose big. They didn't build Las Vegas on giving money away.

My cousin Vince and I have invented a system for roulette and it seems like it is nearly perfect.

Friday started with $80 each out on the table. In two hours, that $80 had turned into $1,800 and we were flying high. On one particular win we awoke the entire casino with screaming as everyone on our table (two other guys, Vince, Lorrie and I) "hit" on 23 with big bets on it. As we were leaving the casino, we realized we had another $425 in chips in our pockets we forgot to cash in. Horrible problem to have right? So we decided to go back to the table...and gambled it again. Remember, we were already up $1,800 without that. $100 chips on four numbers and $25 covering the zero and double zero. If the $100 chip hits it equals another $3,500 win.

The ball is spinning. As it fades and settles into the numbers it bounces in and out of TWO of our numbers only to settle on the outside of them. So close to another $3,500! You can see why this is addictive.

We try again in two weeks. Risking only an original $80 investment - lose it and walk. Win and keep playing...and arriving home about 4:36 AM like this weekend.

Here is the best part...Saturday, I was supposed to be at the University of Missouri for Homecoming. Now, I have not been back to Missouri since I graduated in 1991. Until 2007, I have been ignored by the athletic department (except for my team) and now that they want more money I am on a few lists. I was invited to do all kinds of things. Be on a float in the parade. Attend a luncheon. VIP status. Even on football field access Saturday night (the Tigers beat Colorado 58 to 0; handing the Buffaloes their first shutout since 1988.) Magically...the calls stopped a few weeks ago which is why we decided to go to a dinner, IMPROV and casino in the first place. So the check I was going to give to the athletic department is no longer available. I may send my team some money (Men's Swimming), after all, the alum's paid for my education so I should help out a kid in there now.

A lesson to the university...looks like you made at least a $1,800 mistake. Another lesson, Notre Dame - where I have only been accepted and haven't graduated - has invited me to several games and I have an open invitation to swim with the team. Where was I the athlete and money donor? I can see why people love the Irish.

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