Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Weight Room

This was the picture I snapped while waiting to turn onto the main street out of my 'hood. Notice the hot air baloons? Its that time of year! When the temps get to be about 45 F (like last night) the hot air balloons are out EVERY morning. They are really neat to see until they crash in your yard.

I love the weight room. How else can you put yourself into suffering SO FAST?

Yesterday was my first "real" weight room experience since April. Ouch babe.

I'm not sure which I like more...

A) the HUGE guy lifting like three or four reps with not really a lot of weight on the bar and then taking a 10 minute break; but he acts like he's in the "World's Strongest Man" from ESPN where they lift dump trucks and pull fire engines with their teeth. I like to call him "Grunter" - kinda like Gunter only more aptly named. This guy often comes with a tank top, skinny little chicken legs and a fake the end of summer. This is the same guy with a little iPod and techno going on. Why women at the gym seem to be attracted to this type of guy I will never understand. His bicep measurement is higher than his IQ.

B) doing super sets that would make guys like Grunter puke; bench to dips to bench to pull ups to stability ball to leg press. Gunter asks if he can "work in" with me. He did exactly 4 reps and not that strong or deep either. I knocked out 5 sets of 25 mixed with wall sits as he watched in disbelief that a "little guy" could be so strong.

"Man, nice work" he said to me. I responded, "Thanks, but I'm really out of shape and just need to get back on the wagon." The stunned look on his face was priceless. This lifting came after about 1,000 yards of swimming with Dean Hewson - the last real swim I did was before my July. On vacation I did swim a bit in the lake but that really isn't "work". My heart rate after that swim was ugly. I know Dean was working too but, eeew; I have my work cut out for me. Going to swim tonight...2,200.

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