Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Swimming is the ultimate humbler. People can run fast and far. Cycle at speeds approaching moto-like power. But they can't swim.

Personally...I think the Ironman swim is too short. It should be around 5k in my humble opinion. Triathlon swims are a laugher in general. Only in the last year or so have we really seen swim times come down to truly fast speeds. This may be training (or high tech speed suits - which should be illegal) but finally triathletes are finally figuring it out.

*I believe swimming should be a test of who is most efficient and powerful in the water not who has the best speed suit. I guess I'm old school. Speedo and paper suit and shave it all.

Time In The Water = strength and speed. TITW is what Matt Keller said to me yesterday as I gasped for air in the first week of regular swimming for me in some time. Shoulders aching. Lungs exploding - it is time to get in shape.

Don't sweat the sets. Don't worry about hypoxic this or that. No flippers, fins, tubes or paddles. Just swim baby. First test set is tomorrow...

20 x 100 on 1:30 "best average" - it will not be pretty. 20 x 100 never is.


  1. Yep, that sounds like a GREAT workout! The first half shouldn't be so bad... but then it catches up on you. The swim time is cool, but the recovery starts seeming shorter and shorter and shorter!

    Swimming is totally about finnesse! I've never done a 5k OW swim, but its something I would love to try! I'll think about it while I do just under 5k in the pool today!

  2. Invent a new name for a triathlon race, patent it, and decide on distances that reflect your current thinking. Why not have a race where the times in each leg for an all-round triathlete would ideally be the same? Say, about 1hr 15 mins each leg for a top elite pro, or else 40 minutes each leg for a more Olympic distance-type race. Just a thought.