Monday, September 15, 2008

The Reclaimation Project - My Legs

With 65% of Chicago underwater and churches around me building arks and gathering two of every animal - Sunday morning I set out for my morning run. It has rained so much that one of the places I do off road running (a valley) is COMPLETELY under water - 25' of water. Only to tops of a few trees are visible. At least nobody lives (or lived) in that particular valley. Docks are up so high that they are tearing away from the shore; boats and their docks were seen drifting down the river after they tore away from shore. Boy, that sucks - $40,000 of boat and another $5,000 of dock drifting off your property. When I wasn't running or painting yesterday I was helping my neighbor (about 1/2 a mile from my house) sandbag his house.

This is the first Sunday "long, hill run" that I have done in a while - too long. Coach Jeff only had me running 4 miles and honestly...I feel like I raced today. Sore all over, but it feels so good.

I woke up at 4:45 (without an alarm) and ate, got dressed and started to warm up in the basement in order to not wake Lorrie who looked like a papoose all curled up in warm blankets. (I was FINALLY able to open a window and the temps got down to 56 F.) I then went up to look at the radar on Weather Channel but fell asleep until 6:43. CRAP! I text Derrek (who I told NOT TO BE LATE) and John who is always early to wait for me and I would buy coffee. I get to "Home Eco" aka: Fisher Nut in Barrington about 7:10 and only a few of the early runners are there stretching. I take off after talking for about 10 minutes and congratulating them on IM Moo and IM Lou races that were breakthroughs for them.

It is raining steadily as it has been for three days. Chicago had record rain fall in the area of 10" - it had been raining for two days straight here - BEFORE what was left of hurricane Ike got to Chicago and kicked us in the nuts. When Ike got here it made a bad situation worse as we already had 10" of rain leading up to another 10" from Ike. Wow!

I ran my 4 miles in the rain. I loved it. No heart rate monitor. No watch. I did have my heart rate strap (transmitter)...I simply forgot my watch as I rushed out of the house. Brilliant! It turned out to be a good thing. I know where two miles is on the course. I just ran. I need more of this. I had smashed my knee while painting this weekend so I was pretty sore but running was fine after I warmed up.

I'm sore today. Not sure really if the soreness is from sandbaging, painting or running really. It is a full body soreness.

I have a phone conversation with Jeff today. I think I have overestimated my fitness level. Although "I do not believe in v-eakness", but let's just say my strength and endurance needs some work.

6 Mile run today with strides and a 1700 yard swim.

...and in ALL this mess...a true sign of the apocolypse - the Sox swept a double header and look like they are going to make the playoffs and Carlos Zambrano throws a no hitter against the Houston Astros. TWO Chicago baseball teams in the playoffs? Better keep building that ark and collecting two of every species.

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