Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reclaimation Estimate Formula

Going through a top MBA program, directing 21 people and being the mayor of "crazy town" at work, having a family life where we hang with relatives, painting...all will not stop me from this process.

In what I first thought would be a one year rebuilding process has really become a three plus year process. I deal with estimates all the time at work and here is how I came up with it -

Optimistic estimate: Everything is perfect and fast
Pessimistic estimate: Everything sucks and is slow
Most Likely estimate: What is likely to happen

Duration Estimate = (P + 4M + O)/6

Follow me, as I apply it to my athletics...

Optimistic - I have a "Biggest Looser" type of weight loss and get in fabulous shape for 2009 by May; while working and doing my MBA. Right, remember...optimistic.

Pessimistic - I am buried in my schedule and progress very slowly - 6 years.

Most Likely - I make good progress this year, but not quite competitive in age group elite. I get competitive by end of 2010. 2011...I'm on the prowl. (11 is my 'lucky' number as well.)

So if you follow this formula, by 2010 to 2011 I should be rocking the house...with realistic time frames on my goals and dreams.

I'm coming back to be great, not good, in my age group. Naturally, by eating the right foods and hard work.

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  1. FYI - Notre Dame is NOT a top MBA program. It is, at best, third tier.