Thursday, September 11, 2008

Perspective with Seven Years of 20/20

Seven years ago...

I lost about 20 colleagues (540 from my company at the time - 20 I knew) in what happened in 2001 on this date. Do I get sad about that or thankful that 32 of my colleagues had the good sense to leave our NYC office when a frickin' plane hit the skyscraper next to them? I'm still not sure.

I remember being made fun of in 2000 because I said I was proud to race with USA after my name in Kona. Do I get mad that it took an event of this nature to get people to feel good about an amazing country or do I feel excited that I was thinking "I love my country and support our armed forces" before it was the "in thing" to do?

My boss at the time totally submarined me and was trying to play politics with my projects and set me up for a big fall (if I didn't do my job). She was killed and directly liked to the death of 540 people on CNN as "the person" who went on the intercom and told people to stay at their desk as the problem was in the other building. Where I don't really have a full appreciation for her as an individual the phrase, "Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy" comes to mind.

Hug your kids/family. Appreciate what you have in the USA. Vote, even if you don't like the makes us different than other countries.

Freedom isn't free. Even if it seems like it is. Democracy is hard work. Even if it comes to you in bit sized sound bites.

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  1. The best set of articles I've found on 9/11 are at the USA Today site:
    Check out the article titled "Delay meant death on 9/11." I think they cover some of the story you write about.