Monday, September 22, 2008

Last Long Summer Weekend of 2008

Not long by extra days, long in that a lot was accomplished.

Friday - a typical 12 hour day and then work had a toga party. there were some great togas which I'll post later. I left when some of the developers started to get jiggy with it - those are images I don't need in my head. Tech guys and gals dancing...

Saturday - I rode with my friend Derek and we went out to Bull Valley and back - about 45 miles or so in the hills. Good ride with virtually no wind and great temps. In two more weeks the trees should be brilliant orange and reds - I will post pictures of that.

Sunday - I was late for the last time this season for running with John. (I promise.) We started at 6 AM and ran only 4 miles of the Home Eco Sunday run. We did it very slowly as we are starting to get back in shape. Some runner gals passed us just after we had turned around to return and they were like, "Come on! Keep going!" I responded with, 'We turn around when we get chicked. Our egos can't take it so we have to run back to our cars.' I didn't hear them laugh. I thought it was hilarious.

From here I went to the Blood, Sweat and Tears ride for Team in Training. This ride was really well done. You could do 24, 45 or 62 miles. I did 62 with Jay and his father-in-law and ubber cyclist Tom. It was Tom's "recovery" ride. Beware anyone who is looking to do 62 miles as a recover ride. At times we were pulling 23.3 mph up a hill and into a wind; recovery...right.

After all this...PAINTING! Seriously...just hire someone to do your painting. What a pain in the ass. I am going room to room and it is a serious drag, but it looks good as we do it.

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