Monday, September 8, 2008

Ironman Wisconsin Race Report

Yesterday was actually a very good experience.

1) This was by far the "cleanest" race I have seen in years with only about 85 penalties for however many folks started. This may speak to more competition in Ironman races and people who race cannot afford another 4 minutes if they are chasing a Kona slot.

2) Got "thank you, that race was really clean" from several pros and age group athletes who recognized my moto helmet as I was walking with it later in the day. It felt good to be appreciated for volunteering to keep a race fair and safe.

3) Even the one pro who did earn a penalty for drafting from me - and he was really drafting when I saw him- was even "cool" with the fact he got the penalty. He said, "Hey man. I must push the edge of the rules to try and win." Yeah...well maybe, but today it cost you five figures of prize money.

One age group male who was drafting said, "Oh man that is BULLSHIT!" I was writing and I had my moto driver slow down. I asked him, "I didn't hear your question. Did you have a question?" He understood that I did hear him and I was about to DQ him for his comment and he responded, "No, I forgot my salt tablets and was talking to myself.

Congrats to all who finished what they started yesterday.

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