Monday, September 1, 2008

Chase the Dream to the End

At IM Louisville yesterday first year pro from Hawaii, Bree Wee was leading off the bike. She held the lead through half way on the marathon when she started to get sick. Never fun but also very hard when you are a pro trying to qualify for Kona in your fifth Ironman in 12 months. Last week in Penticton, B.C. a volunteer at mile two of the marathon ended Bree's day tackling her and giving her a mild concussion as he was trying to help athletes on the course. A week later, Wee found herself off the front of IM Louisville on a hot day and chasing her dream of getting back to Kona to race as a first year pro.

Bree's courage, guts and tenacity to FINISH her dream has been fun to watch. She is a wife, mom and great athlete. In my opinion, it is just a matter of time before she wins one of these Ironman things and maybe even a World Championship. The guts displayed yesterday was outstanding. Even if the main goal wasn't completed - she finished what had to be a hard day mentally. Champions are made when the TV lights aren't on, when self doubt and nerves kick in. Those who prepare through all that come on race day.

Go big or go home.

Way to go big Bree! See you in Kona. Rest up and 2009 is your oyster.

Chase the dream and FINISH it strong - NO MATTER WHAT.

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