Monday, August 18, 2008

Way to go Emma!

The rightful owner of Triathlon gold has it! Though I'd like to write a jingoistic piece here telling you how great American Triathlon is...I cannot. Emma Snowsil has been the class of Olympic distance racing for some time in my eyes. The Aussies are on the cutting edge of triathlon as a sport and should have had at least one other gold medal. (I still question if McMahon -SUI - was doping during the 2000 games by the way. She was busted not long after which makes me ask, "When did it start?"

I met Emma at the Chicago Triathlon last year as one of my athletes was racing pro there. She was very nice and seemed down to Earth - a statement not often used with many triathletes in general and certainly not many pros.

Congrats Emma! If Matt Reed wins...I will have successfully predicted both races. GO MATT!

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