Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tim Hola on the CBS Morning Show in NYC Tomorrow

I got this note from Tim Hola of Team Timex fame:

I wanted to let you know that I'll be on The CBS Early Show this Friday (8/15) in New York City. I was one of 5 male athletes that Outside Magazine chose as the 'Fittest Real Men in America'. That feature is in the Sept. issue of Outside which is in stores now. CBS liked the story so much that they wanted us to come out and do a short segment for the Early Show. Myself and 2 of the other athletes will be talking about how we balance racing with work and family. Hope you can see it!


For those of you who don't know Tim, he is a genuine guy and a seriously hard worker. I'm happy to say that all of my "Tim" stories are hilarious and fun. Including:

"Love you Tomorrow"
"Cheese! I didn't even know you that gudda."
"You can't stay there"
"The Happuna Beach Miracle"
"How was the race? Wasn't the bike course great?"
"There he is!"
"Let's do just another hour"
"Thanks for the run"
"Sprint to the _______(post office, top of the hill, next group)"
"Dude, you need a bro"
(anything sounding like a Seinfeld episode is purely coincidental)

...and many more.


  1. Oh that is GREAT about TIM! Thanks for the heads up, Bob!
    Jen H.

  2. This is Stephen Jackowell, one of Tim's best friends in high school! SILVAHHHHH! I am trying to find you Tim! I live in FD as of Jan my parents house pleeeeaase so we can catchup! I will try to 411 ur home town! CONGRATS BUDDY! I luv ya!!! Stephen

  3. I want Sam to know this...the best part is Sam DOES know this. (Sorry...inside joke alongside SILVAH!)
    Congrats to Tim, indeed. We missed him here in Madison last weekend.
    Keep it up, Tim.