Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stand Up

In times of stress you have a choice, stand up or crumple like a paper cup.  

I worked during my "vacation" quite a bit.  Yesterday was a 14 hour day in the office and though I love what I do...that is a long time.  I finished my workouts.  Did the work.  Made extra phone calls to recruit some extra talent for my team and promptly passed out watching Weather Channel at 8:40 PM  (I am told).  I got home at 8:17.  

I'm a bit concerned about my upcoming TRIPLE in Chicago - three races in 48 hours.  I am not in shape.  I am in no condition to race this.  I can finish it.  I probably should withdraw...but I will stand up.  Start and ultimately finish this race.  We'll use this as a "fitness test" as the northern part of the country goes into the late season.  There will be no fall classics for me.  No playoffs.  Not this year - those are earned and well...I earned a healthy body back in  2008 and sometimes that has to be enough.  To rebuild for 2009 and come back with a fire in the belly.

If I am fortunate enough to marshal at Ironman events this fall (Kona, Florida, etc.) I'll bring my bike and train.  I'll think about next year.

I have already started to think 2009.  Races, vacation, school, work...dusting off injury, ignorance and fat.  Sometimes it is the little victories that make us what we are, we just have to see them.

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