Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sleep Fast

My new routine has me up at 4:45 AM to get my workouts in.  Director is short for "you will work every second there is daylight and then some" - just in case someone wants to make you a director of something, someday.  

A typical day has me doing the workouts early, very late, or not at all.  Tuesday (I think that's what day yesterday was.  I'll have to check my BlackBerry to be certain.) I started at 7 and finished at 7.  I guess I shouldn't complain as it was a half day - 12 hours.  I've started joking (sort of) that "We are very flexible here, my team works half days and you get to pick which 12 hours you'd like to work.  This includes weekends too."  Monday, I had "just a swim" and Monday night...I was toast early.  I guess I'm not in shape to really work a full day too.

I finished workout out last night at 12:30 AM...or should I say this morning?  I am now up again...and headed to the Computrainer who will look at me and say, "Weren't you just here?"  Computrainers talk in the early and late hours - at least mine does.  Lately, it hasn't been very nice either.

Sleep fast!  It's time to train again soon.  In the immortal words of Ricky Bobby, "I wanna go fast" and fast means you don't get to sleep in sunshine.  There's work to do.  


  1. Phew... I thought I was up early!!

    Looks like my long distance advice-giver (you) was right, coach is not letting me ride the race up a volcano... IM Canada is the next race I will see...

  2. Now if you just learn to sleep on your computrainer it will always be ready for you to ride!

  3. I've fallen asleep at the dinner table and in a night club (on my honeymoon - when I was training for Kona) so why not on the Comuptrainer? What's next a stability ball?

    Hey Bree...I've started getting up at 4:15 because 4:45 was "too rushed". Started today.