Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ride the Ironman Wisconsin Course? Not Now

We are close to the date for Ironman Wisconsin. A lot of athletes are asking me if they should ride the course "one last time". Why? If you've ridden it twice in 2008, why go again? Nerves and full blown pre "Ironman Freakout".

Stay off the course in Madison from now until the race...for all of us. The people who live in Madison will appreciate it. The other "athletes" can have their course all to themselves to ride hard and too long while you ride near home and can accelerate your recovery and rest.

If you can ride a course, go ahead and do it once or twice but beyond that you are wasting time and energy. Not until race week have I ever ridden an Ironman bike course...although you might understand more about my bike times by that statement.

Drive 'em on Sunday or Monday the week before the race. Look at some of the course from the road and not in the car. But in general...

Stay off the course until race day unless you live there.

Riding the course 20 weekends in a row won't help you on race day - consistent, specific training on your part will help.

Lastly...on a personal rant...if you are fat, do you really need that aero-helmet, carbon bike and disc wheel? I think you just need more time in the saddle and to put the fork down. Myself included - no new toys without training more consistently.


  1. Your comment about gear reminds me of Alcatraz... I was only doing ~18mph and passed an aero-helmeted dude on a smoooooth pinarello on an 808/sub9 combo doing about 15mpg.

    I told him he paid way too much to be riding THAT bike THAT slow.

  2. I am a "heavy sweater" so you won't see me in an aerohelmet anytime soon.

    ...and need to loose about 40 lbs!