Saturday, August 16, 2008

Olympic Sportsgasm - Spitz a True Champion and Gentleman

We are doing our code release last night/this morning and a collective cheer rings through the office.  Phelps had won!  Mobile phones started ringing throughout the office.  Looks like ESPN's prediction that "nobody will watch the Olympics" isn't coming true after all.  The office was buzzing; and then right back to work which finished up at 6:10 am Saturday.  (That's one long day.  Bill K. worked 26 hours straight, an Olympic feet as well.)  I kept bringing him Gatorade and talking to him like a boxer through the night.  My work finished at 2:10 am.

I got home from work at 3:10 am - but in Hawaii that is only ~11pm so it isn't so late.  Unfortunately...I live here.  Lorrie is up and STILL watching the Olympics.  One commercial and bang...replay of Phelps.  What luck.

Today, after a considerable amount of coffee, I have watched badminton, rowing, volleyball, ping pong, trampoline and good heavens horse stuff (dressage I think) ...any other sport that is on.  I LOVE THIS STUFF!  It is too bad that the American press and sports radio is such a downer.  I suppose we wouldn't appreciate it if there was someone saying this isn't as great as it is.

One of the best things from Friday was the superior class and true championship form that Mark Spitz exhibited in his talk with Michael Phelps live on NBC which I actually heard on sports radio.  I cannot tell you how proud I am to come from a swimming background; especially after that.  

PS: Terry Schroeder and the Team USA Water Polo is going to the medal round beating Croatia today - the #1 ranked team and current World Champions.  Let's hope the polo guys can "Light the dollar".  Go USA Water Polo!  (I played for Terry and Rich on Team USA in a post-Olympic tour in 1988.)  I should have transferred to Pepperdine to play for him full time - but then I never would have met my wife.


  1. let me tell ya about Spitz, once a local here in Hawaii, him and my swim coach GO WAY back, as in he out touched my swim coach in the 72 trials and took the spot on the fly, they are super good friends, and I AGREE, Spitz is the real deal!

  2. I saw that interview and I felt the same way. SWIMMERS DID US PROUD. What class Spitz has...... and I know how you feel on being up all night.... I am about to be up for 27........ coffee anyone?