Tuesday, August 19, 2008

NBC No Olympics in Prime Time Rant

WTF! In our Michael Phelps afterglow that was broadcast fairly well by NBC here goes a big pouch screw for triathlon - home of your Ironman Hawaii. Perhaps triathlon isn't "must see TV" and you get little argument from me there; but it is entertaining and NBC should have a vested interest in triathlon. Locally, the men's race is on sometime between 9 am and 1pm. Great!

Here in Chicago, Matt Reed is married to a gal who grew up in Arlington Heights and her dad is the athletic director at Main South High School. He was a regular in my spin classes. Chicago media should be reporting this but no...no hook for the average American.

So we will be subjected to interviews with Michael's mom (not that she isn't wonderful, because she seems genuine to me), "Redeem Team" comparisons to the Dream Team (the redeem team couldn't carry their jocks), and the best...bikini volleyball. *Not that I mind watching fit women run around in small, made for TV underwear signalling each other on their butt. How about the decathlon? Since Bruce Jenner and the Dan vs. Dave failure has this sport even been contested?

Can we see some competition please? Thumbs down on week two of the coverage.

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