Friday, August 15, 2008

My Michael Phelps Story

I was in Baltimore on business. Swimming on a Saturday a one of the club pools I heard had some "alright swimmers". The "kids" club practice and senior national practice had just finished and one guy was still warming down as the folks who were going to do our "triathlon" swimming workout pooled near the waters edge.

The kid looked up and said, "Do you guys mind if I swim in your workout for a little while?" "Of course not!" I responded, "You can lead."

We do the workout which was roughly 4000 meters with some IM and this "kid" was just smoking everyone. I'd edge up on him on breaststroke but the rest of the time he was putting time into us. He was a good kid and asked me if I swam in college and some information about breastroke. We chalked up his speed to his youth. (Never mind that I think he swam about 10,000 meters before we got there.)

With 14k in the tank (4k for me) we called it a day in the pool. He mentioned that he needed to get some food and come back for his afternoon session. That's a lot of meters I thought. This guy is good. His plan was for another 8,000 meters later on. Work kept me late (no shocker there) and I made it back to the pool to do the last 1,000 with this guy and a couple of others (one named Katie). The kid told me that he'd swim a bit more if I wanted to do more than just a 1,000 for the evening session. I wound up doing 3,000 before he had to get home for dinner. A great kid. I remember the coach saying, "You'll probably see him in the Olympics in a few years." I wished him luck and told him to work hard; relating the story of my first international competition in water polo and said, "I got goose bumps when they played the national anthem" and I consider it an honor to represent my country. He agreed, "Sounds really cool."

Good luck tonight Michael. You seem like the same great kid I met a few years ago.

Records are made to be broken.


  1. No way!! What a super cool story, I love it. I totally love it... some people are just that cool, they really have a big heart and love for sport and they never lose it...

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great story! thanks for sharing it!

    And good luck on your new job! It appears you support your team pretty well and are in the trenches with them. That's important.

    Your blog is great

  3. Thanks so much for the compliment! I try to write interesting stuff!