Friday, August 8, 2008

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor - Roadies to the Woodshed

As ELF can tell you, the Thursday night TRIATHLON INTERVAL ride has (over the years) excepted an equal amount of roadies. Hey...let's ride. This year the ride was more of a VO2 workout than a true interval workout - until last night. Right after the warm up, on the very first interval I scream out "DOUBLE!" which is a 2.2 mile long interval and really fries the roadies cookies as they cannot draft until the end and is real work. Second interval, "DOUBLE!" This happened six times in a row and as the roadies were crying...we did one single. Then on the very next interval the triathletes screamed out "TRIPLE!" We finished with several more doubles for a total of 1:40 minutes of great, time trial specific work. Most of the roadies who ride on the front took their ball and went home after 60 minutes.

This was a really hard ride. Most of the ride I was not drafting which forced me to reach into my "suitcase of courage" more than a few times to stay out in the wind. This forced me onto the front of the chase pack and not the mid-front peleton. ELF will be happy to know that TWICE...once I sensed that the Mayor and "Lunchbox" were on my wheel I rode them off my wheel with considerable ease.

I'm sure a lot of guys from the ride are hurting today.

Next Lynskey time trial bike comes out (OK...whatever, the Blade - but mine was made by the Lynskey's and was the cat's meow in 1998.) I am already thinking DA 10 upgrade and some new cranks arms (shortening to 172.5 from 175mm) for 2009.

PS: roadies...leave your iPods at home next week you losers. Another reason I didn't ride in the front group. You shouldn't need an iPod to "help you hold your cadence" on a group ride if you are a CAT 3 or 4. Give me a break. It is also very dangerous.

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