Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Imagine the Summer Games of 2016...Here in Chicago

While watching the summer Olympics, my mind couldn't help but wonder what could be. All that we watch on NBC could be here in a few short years. The change in the city would be amazing. For an example, look no further than Atlanta. I think that this city could do it and do it at a high level. Chicago has changed from a blue collar to a white collar work force over the years, however, the work ethic is still the same. People bust their tails here. That's how we roll. This is a perfect tie in to the Olympic movement. Our people also are working on loosing our top-5 fattest cities in the USA. Right now, I'm contributing to that by recovering from my calf injury that has limited my running to 3 miles or less for nearly a year now. I've packed on a few pounds this year. My body needs a stupid amount of working out to maintain a better shape. I was telling Lorrie's cousin Sue last night that it will take 40 less pounds to get back to form. (more on that in a later blog entry)

I thought about Mayor Daley - this would be his ultimate stamp on the city. Bring the world to compete in Chicago. Lorrie and I talked about this too - the mayor has made Chicago the cleanest city in America. The transformation has been noticeable. He has added gardens, trees, flowers to the city which really make the city look great. My only "beef" is the "Peggy Notabart Conservatory" on Cannon Drive (mile 6 of the Chicago Marathon) - Peggy's husband Dick was the CEO of Ameritch (a baby Bell) who made Ameritch look good to SBC and sold it to them. He got an enormous golden parachute; much of which was paid for by the taxpayers. Watch Notabart wherever he goes...and hang on to your wallet. I can live with that if the city uses the money wisely.

The mayor added bike lanes - hey, baby steps on this front. The entire area needs wider shoulders, bike paths and better roads - but the mayor was the first to do this. I would ride my bike to work every day, but I have to figure out a way to get to work and back without getting killed.

We have a beautiful city. We are world class. That realization for the general population is a big emotional lift. I can't wait.

We had fun watching the men's gymnastics...I kept saying to Lorrie, "There's something wrong with that guys biceps. I think he got bitten by something because they are swollen." It made her laugh...

You think Beijing is good? Chicago would rock the house. I'd add more but Lorrie needs to log in.


  1. I am not 100% convinced about Chicago hosting the OLY in 2016, BUT I do agree with you that Daley is SUPER. I think Mayor Daley is doing a great job, yes! And, I really HOPE Chicago gets the OLYs nonetheless. Jen H.

  2. Oh, just think of the possibilities! We'd fix some infrastructure, gain some new amateur athletic facilities (and a new 50 meter pool which is seriously needed) and all the opportunities to see sport right here.

    I want the Olympics very badly.