Monday, August 4, 2008

Challenge Weeks

This past week I was "Evil Coach Bob" and some of the gals I'm helping prepare for late season Ironman races got a full category 5 hurricane of training in their lap.  The workouts were not harder.  The only thing that changed was swimming distance and intensity....and the length of some of the cycling workouts.  It is always interesting to see the comments about these weeks and how adding some extra swimming can really drill people.

The gals made it through the week just fine.  They also learned a lesson about how fit they really are in the water.  Do you think swim fitness effects triathlon?  Um...yeah.  Get on your bike more tired than you realize and that run is a different animal - regardless of your ability and fitness level.

"What am I a fish?"  

No, you're a triathlete.  

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  1. Hey bob, what up!?!?? Thanks for the post....Hilarious, yes I do know of the "pie" at the top!!?!? But did you know about the "Big Cookie" cabin too!!? they have yummy choc chip ones...mmm delish! Didn't have time for fun eats til I hit the finish line at Tanque Verde!

    Keep the rubber down.. :)