Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bad Drivers

I'm not talking cars.  I'm referring to bikes.  

This is the hottest time of the Chicago Triathlon "Season".  Everyone is running, swimming, cycling with volume that would make this landscape very competitive if they did that all year.  It will end in a few weeks as we slide into "marathon season".  I'm working a ton of hours right now so my workouts are getting done...well, early most days.  Here is a smattering of what I've seen on triathlon and road bikes in the last two days.

1) Group of road cyclists with some triathletes mixed in.  Rush hour (7 pm) in HEAVY traffic.  2/3rds of the group had iPods on.  

2) Triathlete riding on IL Route 59 AGAINST traffic at 5:30 AM - in HEAVY traffic.

3) Lunch time: two parents with two young kids - kids have helmets, elbow pads, knee pads and the little boy - shoulder pads.  Mom and dad - no helmet, long shorts and carrying bags next to the front wheel and fork of the bike: a crash waiting to happen.  Let's just hope it doesn't happen in traffic.

4) Kid on a time trial bike that is obviously not his (full carbon, SRM, aggressive position, too big for him) - no helmet, weaving through traffic at 7 pm - when I say weaving I am talking about THROUGH the cars ACROSS THE ROAD - left to right.

5) Lastly - a car.  Headed home last nigh on Deerfield Road about 7:30 pm after another 11 hour day.  1st in the office, last to leave.  Ambulance headed eastbound - lights and siren on.  I pull over to the right.  A car buzzes me doing about 50 mph passing all the cars that pulled over and ignoring the ambulance - white male, over weight and about 60 years old in the drivers seat, IL license plate - PHLY FN 3 - with an Eagles (NFL) sticker on the car.  I've seen this car pull some crazy moves before so if you see this license in IL watch out; especially if you are on your bike.

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