Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ask About Aimee

Triathlon ever get you down?  

Does "life suck"?

Take a read of Aimee's blog.  Read "The Latest" of an ALS patient with three small children and re-evaluate your situation.  It isn't a sob story for sure - Aimee and Jim are doing better than most you'd meet in the same situation.  This is the Aimee I was referring to yesterday.  I have to say that trying to raise money and awareness for ALS and meeting them has been one of the most rewarding (scratch that) the most rewarding experiences.  Take a read of "GALA 2008" as well and you'll get a feel for who Aimee and Jim are and why ALS is something you should support

Imagine that your husband or wife (significant other) had would you react if you had to do EVERYTHING to care for them?  The ultimate outcome isn't good in ALS but the focus is on the here and now.

Aimee is a St. Louis Cardinals fan (hey, nobody is perfect) but her husband Jim is a Cubs fan.  Talk about Hatfield's and McCoy's!  

My "issue" about the triathlon...child's play.

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