Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Update on Brad

Brad was training for IM Canada.  He lives down the road a piece from me and got out at 5:30 AM yesterday to do a quick 30 mile bike ride to hit his 300+ for the week.  

A deer ran out in front of Brad as he descended a short hill and stopped right in front of him when he heard the bike.  Brad said the deer appeared to stop and want to back up but then started to move forward a little.  Brad's tire went under the deer and the front of his bike hit the deer square in the side.  This stopped him instantly and threw him over the deer and down the road.  Brad had broken his leg and shoulder a few years ago in a freak bike crash and he said that he thought to tuck and roll when he hit the ground.  He did and didn't break his leg...just ribs 10, 11 and 12...one of which punctured his lung.  The deer had fallen down but scrambled the way deer do and he took off into the woods.  Brad laid on the tarmac for about 20 minutes - not a car around.  He reached for his phone but he had landed on it and crushed it.  He was wondering if a car was going to come ripping over the hill and hit him as peak rush hour was approaching.  Finally...a friend of mine happened by...John Robb.  John is a great guy and experienced cyclist and triathlete.  John asked Brad if he was OK and Brad said, "Um, no.  Could you call 911?"  

In the hospital, Brad needed a chest tube to re-inflate the lung (and drain some of the blood in there), so a "minor" surgical procedure was done.  They wouldn't let Brad eat...so this morning he is eating for the first time in 24 hours+.  

Now the good news.  Brad is in good spirits and is planning on walking this weekend.  He is planning on being on the line in IM Canada - with perhaps a few less swimming miles in him.  I am going to pick Brad up some jerky and tell him I got Bambi for him.  (This is when his lungs are healed a little more so it doesn't hurt when he laughs.)

"The deer gonna be OK Uncle Lar?"  "No, word on the deer's condition Little Tommy."  (a la Animal Stories from WLS AM 890...from the 1970s)  Seriously...the deer probably is just really sore today.  No injured deer around at the site.


  1. Oh I am so glad Brad is going to be okay! Love the sense of humor and I got my fingers crossed and prayers flying he is on the start line in Canada!

  2. THANK god brad is ok and thank you so much for the update, Jerome and I were worried!! Jen H.