Monday, July 14, 2008

Turn the Page

Today I start a new page in my career and my triathlon training.

I have stopped swimming in the excuses and emotional raw sewage of "beaten puppy syndrome" - yes, that's what people "inside" my old employer call it - and now I'm stepping up to a slight promotion and real work.  Instead of the old "well, if we screw up nobody dies" talk that was at my last this new job if we screw up people will die.  No pressure.  40 people reporting to me and the projects we control effect the stock price - so my work actually matters to the organization in a direct manner.  I have daily conversations with the CIO and President of the company; and before you say, "Oh, smaller company."  Yes, but we still have about 8,000 people....not that small.  

I have already felt a difference in my attitude and a lift in my feet.  Yesterday, I rode with one of Jen's clients Leo - showed him "The Wall" out in Bull Valley, IL - an 18% grade hill with one small stretch of the hill at 21% which is about .89 miles long - hey, it's IL - take the hills you can get.  We had a 30 mph head wind heading out and we still made it in one hour - an average time to that hill which means we were riding anything but average.  Good!

Turn the page.  Change the attitude.  Let's rock!

PS: My office looks down on the Berto Center - where the Chicago Bulls practice.

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  1. HEY BOB!!!! Nice post. How did it go w/ Leo? I was pushing him so hard to get out and ride Bull Valley before WI; I am worried about him. You are so great to take everyone out all the time - very nice of you! thanks. Jen H. :)