Monday, July 7, 2008


Having a "life event" this week in changing gigs is pretty cool. Work is kinda easy; just crossing the t's and doting the i's on my large insurance company tenure. I'm ready to move on. It is funny to me how many people who never "needed" my experience before are now all "depressed" because I am not available for them here. One guy emailed me and said, "Man, I don't know who I'll get information from regarding the right thing to do on projects." I was thinking, 'Hey, you never called me a lot before and even when you did you didn't listen to me.'

In triathlon, I am transitioning to a new coach. One week under the belt. I wasn't a great student this past week (I was long on one workout. Short on another. I hate that both as a coach and athlete. Won't happen again.) I am starting to feel that my running fitness is coming around slowly. I can now run 9 minute miles after a bike ride and be aerobic. Embarrassing but true. Only two weeks ago, Derek can attest to the fact that my HR was in the mid-160s after a hard bike ride and "easy" run ripping 9:34s. Last week, I was in the mid-150s - better.

46 days until the Triple.

Cleaning out the baggage at work and in triathlon. Both are getting more fit.

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