Friday, July 18, 2008

Saunier-Duval-Scott & Riccardo Ricoo BOOOO - LIFETIME BAN

Isn't it time for lifetime bans?

As we are having a great Tour de France with so many outstanding stories and great racing...then Saunier-Duval-Scott riders and team go an crap in your cornflakes. It is time to ban them from the TdF and all those who tested positive or showed irregular hemocrit levels compared to out of season markers.

Lifetime ban, no exceptions. Saunier/Duval Scott should be removed from the professional tour along with its riders. Just like Astana was. A lot of folks thought they should be in the tour this year but Astana twice had questions of in propriety and credit the tour organisation for removing them and the spectre of doping associated with the team (I know...different management and different riders...however, same team name and colors = guilt by association.)

Bye bye Ricco! Have fun washing cars or selling insurance for a living. What a shame for you.

Let's get behind the good stories of le Tour...Cadel Evans and Christian Vande Velde (a Chicago kid...see, we flatlanders can ride!) Go ahead and watch Evans smile like a kid about to explode on the podium kissing the lion stuffed animal they give to the leader and honestly tell me that you don't smile too.

There are good stories in the tour. You just have to know where to look.

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  1. I agree 100% Bob! Shame on Ricardo for doing what he did. It just came out that Piepelo was kicked off the team as well for doping, although that was just announced by Phil and Paul this morning. Lifetime ban - I am in full support. The riders sign a Code of Ethics - and still some make the terrible choices. And for what? Shame on them!

    3 Cheers for the GREAT stories from the tour - Christian VV, Team Columbia and Garmain-Chipotle AND their rigerous drug testing, Cavendish, Cadel, and all the other incredible riders pushing themselves to the limits.

    And, I do get teary eyed when I see Evens kiss the lion and tear up. :)