Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The New Coach

It is said that a person who is his/her own attorney has a fool for a client; I believe the same can be said for coaching.  You simply cannot make yourself hurt like someone with objective eyes can. Do I really need a coach?  "Come on Bob, you have a lot of knowledge."   Yes, but I still feel the need for guidance in achieving my goals.  

I've worked with two coaches - Troy and Nate.  Troy eliminated himself when he started sending me 8 mile "long" runs in the critical training period before a half ironman.  Nate was a solid coach but I think I need to go in a different direction right now.  He is still (and always will be) a great friend and advisor to me.

Choosing a new coach was difficult.  I know several great coaches personally and I have no doubt they would push me hard.  I chose Jeff because he has raced well consistently as he has become a "old guy" - from his 20s into his 50s - he is still winning races, working a full time job as an excercise physiologist and has children - he gets it.  

Enter the new coach in my world, Jeff Cuddeback.  Jeff is a three time NCAA All American in Swimming and for those of you who don't know his racing history...he's won every type of triathlon championship around with considerable Ironman success - world records and age group victories dating back to 1985 when I barely knew what Ironman was.  He went 9:05 in Kona in 2000 - the year we had waves, wind, heat, frogs and locusts in biblical weather.  Most importantly - Jeff has had success as a "young guy" and as an "old guy".  Most recently he set the course record at IM Arizona and he'll be in Kona.

For those of you who are still in your 20s and early 30s...let me tell you - enjoy it because your body is changing out from under you!  I'm not sure I can do the workload I did in 2000 - 2003 based on my family and career responsibilities.  Well, maybe...I've been hitting the gym.  GA - DUUUGE!  (see this clip and you'll get the joke)

So we are off.  Locally, I will have Nate Llerandi, Jen Harrison, Dean Hewson and Elizabeth Fedofsky as my "spotters" to keep me honest.  With that kind of all-star group I'll be back in top form very soon.


  1. i'm in my late 20s...that's actually why i compete in the expensive sport of triathlon even though i'm a grad student...barring traumatic injuries, it's a very healthy decade that i don't want to miss out on!! so i suck up the cost :) plus i hear it's harder to train with babies!

    good luck w/ the new coach!