Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Execution of the Plan

In business or in triathlon you have to plan your work and then execute on the plan.  Failure to do so has disastrous consequences.  

One of the guys I've helped drank "almost two bottles" on the bike of his half ironman; he had been doing well until the run when the wheels fell off. (literally)  The plan was to drink more than that...I'll talk to him today and see what happened.  He has the potential to be one of the best runners at just about any triathlon so this will be a learning experience.  A painful one.

In business I'm finding that some of the folks who report to me have their plan "in my head".  This will change.  While you are managing the chaos that is project management it is hard to remember the remedial things let alone the difficult ones.  In health care technology...we are way beyond difficult things and the consequences are more serious than not drinking at a half ironman - as in death may occur.

If you have a plan, finish it.  Record it.  Learn from it.

Even if you are carrying a few extra pounds (like me these days), if you have a plan and follow it you can race to your best potential for your current fitness.  In business, you may not (or your team may not) be completely engaged every day (out of shape) and that plan and execution of such will make the difference of doing an OK job or a good job.

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  1. YES YES YES - focus and execute. Finish, learn, record and do it again! You CAN and will do it Bob. No doubt!