Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Drug Free Racing Series Concept

Here is the backers and potential sponsors should send me an email.

To go to one of our qualifiers you must submit a "certification of cleanness" - this would be from a board certified doctor who would test for all known performance enhancers - a la Garmin and Columbia cycling teams.  This doctor would also submit your various blood levels and markers BEFORE you go to the qualifier.

Once certified as clean - you can race.  The race fees would be a sliding scale based on signed off volunteer hours or donations made to charities (Girls on the Run, Cherie Gruenfeld's group of kids (whose name escapes me right now - sorry Cherie - PS I have a bike for you) leukemia, ALS, etc.).  The maximum charged for the race would be no more than a 25% operating margin.  So if it costs $100/competitor - the max charge would be $125 for a race fee.  If you donated 25 pay $100 to race.  Donate $250 - you pay $100 to race.

In the months leading into my championship race...competitors would be required to submit to new blood and urine tests where we would review their current numbers versus previous blood markers.  If there is a "positive" test...the race organization would contact the racer and the physician and ask for a second test to confirm as well as re-testing the current sample.  (Innocent until proven guilty.)  

After the race, competitors in each age group top 10  will submit to tests before leaving the finish area.  They will receive awards pending their tests, but would be recognized at the awards ceremony that would last no more than  30 minutes.  (I'm a director of a PMO - I get sh*t done - fast.)

Location and timing of the events would alternate every two years to make things fair for the southern hemisphere.  Two years north, two south.  They would be months and timing where it is at the end of the season for each hemisphere to allow strong racing.  Race locations would be in top vacation locations and/or Olympic hopeful cities.  

I have other ideas about helping hold costs down on airfare, hotel and other items but I'll save those for another day.

As we will be the only triathlon series doing this much testing and qualifying, our champion will be declared the only certified DRUG FREE champion of Triathlon.

Your thoughts?

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