Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cubs AND White Sox

This is for you Dave and Jen!

I started my life out on North Ave. (Wilson Ave. actually - but my parents were in Old Town.) North Ave is the dividing line of Chicago. North of North Ave (pronounced Nort) you are a Cubs fan. South of Nort Ave (pronounced Sout - you Sout sider) you are a Sox fan and NEVER the two should meet.

Growing up my dad and I watched whatever game was on. The Saturday "Game of the Week" was a staple in our house - could be Yankees/Red Sox or Philadelphia/St. Louis...we'd watch. So in regards to Cubs, Sox...we watch both; we cheered (and/or booed) our guys from both sides of town. They are from CHICAGO. I want to see CHICAGO win championships.

I only started swimming years ago to get stronger for BASEBALL. At 5' 8", batting .750 in high school they wanted me to hit the ball out of the park more. I needed strength. Swimming was supposed to do that. It did...but I wound up getting hurt (and then cut due to injury) from the baseball team my sophomore year of HS. I healed and played water polo - and went on to win three water polo State Championships in HS while swimming my way to a NCAA Div. I scholarship. My last baseball game I pitched a complete game victory - a shut out, giving up only four hits (curve ball and change up were working and I was spotting my moving fastball nicely); I went 5 for 5 at the plate with a home run, two doubles and two singles with a stolen base and 5 runs scored. This put my team into the championship game the next day the same day I was swimming in the summer conference meet (where I earned the MVP trophy). Enough about me...

We went to one baseball game a year (two if we were really lucky) when I was a kid; most of the time we alternated - one Cubs, one Sox. If the teams were good and we had the money to go - one of each.

So who do I cheer for when they play each other? Yes. This recent crosstown series ended the way I wanted it to. EVEN. More debate...but more importantly - BOTH TEAMS in FIRST PLACE! If you want to see real hate then bring me Fredbird on a plate and let's go beat up some Minnesota Twins in the living room (since they play indoors). (Apologies Jen.)

If they play in the World Series...I'm good - because one of my teams will win.

A new team to hate? Tampa Bay...yeah, let's have perfect Florida weather and have a dome. At least buck up for a retractable dome.


  1. I've lived in Chicago all my life (save four years for college) and I've been a Cubs season ticket holder through my family and now personally for 30 years. I am eminently qualified to comment on this subject. That said:

    1) Madison is the dividing line, not North Ave.

    2) A fan supports one or the other. If you root for both, you are a fan of neither. Period. This Chicago fan thing is a BS copout for someone who doesn't care enough to pick a side.

    I suppose this kind of nonsense should be expected from an ND fan and grad. If you can't show good judgment when choosing a school, how could you do the same when doing something trivial like picking a baseball team.

  2. OK...forced into a choice Cubs first then Sox. I watch just about every Cubs game and only 1/2 of Sox games.

    You'll appreciate friend Lee (a Michigan grad) put me on the list to receive Univ. of Michigan literature - when questioned if he did it he said, "I had nothing to do with that...that outstanding information about a "superior" school."

  3. Oh...I know Madison is the "technical" center but Nort is the "old school" line according to a lot of old timers. Between Nort and Madison is a mixed bag of fandom.

    Sounds like you grew up a big time Cubs fan. That's cool. My dad used to hit the bleachers as a HS kid in the summers every day at Wrigley.

    My dad and I went for baseball. My old man led the city of Chicago in hitting in HS a couple of years (when that meant something) - somewhere I have the Chicago Tribune and Sun Times with his picture on it and batting avg.

    We went to Comiskey to see Wade Boggs as a rookie from Boston, Minnesota to see Kirby Pucket. We also saw a lot of bad baseball here in Chicago.