Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bad Patterns

Ever find yourself in a loop, doing things that you hate over and over?  That you finish and say, "I'm never doing that again."  The next do it again.

Well...that is how I am sleeping these days.  Lorrie and I were watching the news and Cubs game (waiting for the weather) and I passed out on the couch.  (Hey, the new coach has me doing more consistent volume alright?!)  Lorrie attempts to wake me up to go to bed (so she says) and I am out cold.  So out, in fact, that she puts her hand in front of my face to feel if I am breathing.  I wake up at 3:55 AM, sore back (the couch has a wood plank where it shouldn't be), sweaty from having a blanket on me on a leather couch.  

3:55 AM - too early to go to the gym and really start the day.  (Or is it?)  Too late to get a quality nights sleep in your own bed.  I'm screwed.  I've done this for about 10 business days in a row.  I keep saying, "NOT TONIGHT!"  Just before I promptly fall asleep on the couch.

Being a master of everything project and change management, I will make changes tonight.

Option 1: No news, weather, sports update or get it from the radio or the TV upstairs.

Option 2: 3:55 AM rounds up to 4 and I can get my entire days worth of workout done before I have to be on virtual house arrest in my office.

PS: The Cubs won again 6-5 in what was a thrilling victory...I am told.  White Sox had won 6-5 earlier in the evening and looked good again doing it.  Subway series?  Call me in September...late September - Chicago media...keep it in your pants.  There is a long way to go and we are Chicago after all.  Speaking of bad about 100 years without a championship?  "Anyone can have a bad century?"  How about media who nit picks everything you do?  The White Sox are white hot and everyone is talking about how they won't win.  Jeez, give a guy a break.  They just won six in a row.  (For the record, I am a Cubs AND a Sox fan.)


  1. (For the record, I am a Cubs AND a Sox fan.)

    You are neither.

  2. What do you MEAN You are a CUBS and SOX fan, bob?? Come on!!!! CUBS...but don't say a Subway classic too loud....the goat is awake.
    Jerome fell asleep on the couch too last night and at 5am I woke him up so he went riding and I went to the pool .... 3.55am is a tad early! Have fun at the ride tonight w/ the girls, play nice. Jen H. :)

  3. ok, that is HILARIOUS how you listed my blog in your blogroll. now i can see how it looks!

    you clearly need to spend your evenings within a three foot radius of your bed so you can pass out onto it without warning.

  4. Hi Audrey - That was for you. I hope your jaw is better.