Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Oh, five hundred is more like it.  An amorous bull frog in the river is telling me to get my bad self to the gym NOW.  Unfortunately for him I think this is like a guy in the suburbs...you have to go where the ladies are buddy.  Downtown! Or in Port Barrington speak...to the main part of the river or at least the boat launch.  If you were a lady frog that's where you'd hang out - food (bugs), warm (ish) calm water and places to get your groove on.

I'm up.  I'm going to the gym.  Too excited to fall back asleep (new job seems cool but I'm seriously busy - looking like 11 hour days for the near future).

Focus...which will be a hell of a lot easier with some Kona coffee which should justa bout be done.


PS: Shout out to Christian Vande Velde, a Lemont, IL (Chicago suburb) kid.  Hang in there dude!  Enjoy the rest day.

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