Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why You Should Care About the 2008 Election

OK...yes, this is not about triathlon, cycling, swimming, eating, or racing.  Recently, I've been getting calls from a certain political party asking for money.  (Probably because I have a Barrington mailing address.)  

Hey bud...I'm in PORT are looking for Barrington Hills or South Barrington.  In PORT, we work for a living here.  But if someone what's to name me CEO of some company and pay me $57 million a year I'm down for that.  The CEO at my current company makes $57M - before bonuses, executive compensation deals and benefits.  For those of you trying to figure out what that is...let's just call it about $600,000 a week take home for round numbers sake, eh?   If you hired me...I'd probably make changes and we'd make money so you might have to pay more taxes as you make more money.  Oh...the problems we'd have with all that extra money.  Anyway...the money is in the Hills, it is a different stratosphere of money.  In Barrington Hills, residents are "worried about cyclist in the streets" because when they talk the are loud in the morning.  (Never mind that the houses are half a mile from the damn road and you have triple pane windows.)  Oh the struggle!  (hand on forehead)

...back to our story.  

I've been getting hit by people asking for donations.  Why would any regular citizen want to donate to a politician?  So "my" views get 'represented'?  Um, that is your JOB!  

In this election, there has already been a great deal of hand wringing and the real election "warm up" hasn't even started.  Do I care how you vote?  Hell no.  Do I care that you understand what these two guys represent and you vote for one?  Hell yes.  Our elected officials have a lot of power.  I think most have been asleep at the wheel.  (Both parties.)  This isn't about how much you can make and how long you can be in office.  It should be about we the people and our needs.  That's why they call it public service.

So please, one day before you listen to too many sound bites, spend some time on a few web sites.  I actually like the CNN site because it shows both presidential candidates views and a bit of their record.

Take a look.  Don't let any other person or media outlet tell you how you should vote.  Decide for yourself.  I also ask you to remember a time when people doubted a Roman Catholic could be elected.  That was John F. Kennedy - he took the USA (and the world) to the moon.

So McCain or Obama - you decide who is best in YOUR opinion.  Don't let the media warp age(aka: experience) or race/religion (aka: different perspective on our problems) swing you one way or another.  Listen to the speeches.  LISTEN.  This matters like the Kennedy election, the Reagan is that time again for America.

Read this stuff.  It is just as important as your power meter; maybe even more so.

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