Monday, June 23, 2008

Why I Help (Coach/Advise) New Triathletes

This morning I am dragging (litterally) my body out of bed. Yesterday was my first trip around Lake Geneva, WI from Barrington (~111.7 miles) and on the way "up" to Wisconsin we tried to race a thunderstorm only to loose and get rained on for about 35 to 45 minutes. (I left my rain cape at home...which is why it rained.) We did the ride (hills and all) in 5:46 with an avg heart rate of about 145 for me. Just about right. ~76% effort for nearly 6 hours on the bike. We had to ride through about 4" of Fox River flood water - the roads are closed by my house but we are still able to ride far.

During the ride, I was wondering how friends and acquaintences were doing in races; Bree in Japan, John in Idaho, Melissa in Naperville.

I got this e-mail this morning and couldn't help but smile. Thanks Melissa! You Ironman, 70.3 and Olympic distance afraid. Be very afraid. (...and don't look in the rear view mirror because objects are closer than they appear.)

I wanted to give all of you an update on this morning's triathlon in Naperville.

First off...Bob, next time you make me do push ups I promise not to complain!!

I knocked 16 minutes off my time from last year!! My swim was 13:14, which was almost 5 minutes faster than last year! I also knocked 10 minutes off my bike, and 1 minute off my transition time. My run was about the same. My total time was 1:34:01.

Dean & Bob, thank you so much for your great coaching!! You've helped both Derek and I so much. I'd never have been able to knock this much off my race time without your help.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I'll see all of you next week.


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