Thursday, June 19, 2008

Weekend Into Thin Air

I was supposed to race marshal Ironman CdA in Idaho this weekend.  But here we are...Thursday morning and I still haven't heard from Ironman officials or Jimmy about logistics.  Sort of the same thing that happened with Ironman Arizona.  So today I'll tell the boss I'll be working tomorrow and Monday as planned unless I hear from him.  

No big deal really but it would be easier on me (as a volunteer) if I had some notice.  

Weekend Options: 

Option 1: Double century rides around Lake Geneva, Wisconsin - this round trip is 111.7 miles (I do a few extra laps on "THE WALL" to make sure I come in around 117 - that means 3x up the wall at 90 miles - and I'd do like a 30 to 40 min run after each.  Afterwards...I am thinking a lazy swim in the new outdoor pool at Mid-Town Athletic and some quality food.

Option 2: Century Saturday (as above) and then CRIT on Sunday after running in Fox River Grove.  This crit is done in the shadow of the ski jump.  (Yes, we have a ski jump here.  They just had a big competition last weekend.)  The RD is holding a spot for me!  

Decisions!  64 days until the Chicago Triathlon Triple - (Saturday - super sprint, Sunday -  sprint & Olympic race)

Anyone dare to double with me?


  1. Let's see how that lynskey performs at fox river grove... there's a crit in kankakee on saturday, too..

  2. I just called the RD and the race is open. I am 75% sure I'm racing there. What the hell.