Monday, June 16, 2008

Wedding Season

Nothing like a wedding to give an insane amount of fodder for the ol' blog!

Right before the wedding I said to Lorrie (a la Wedding Crashers), "50 bucks the first reading is I Corinthians". It was and Lorrie smiled.

Saturday night was great. We had it all. The twenty something chicks dressed inappropriately (if I can see the color of your tiny thong you might want to choose another dress) with 8 foot heels, single dudes not seizing the opportunity of "drunk chicks", 40 something aunts dancing like the beginning of the movie The Wedding the beginning and you'll understand, and bad, bad, dance "moves".

Having been married for 8+ years let's face it...I'm not leaving my wife for anything short of a multi-billionaires with a serious heart problem. In which case, I would hook up with my wife again rather shortly and with a lot more money. I happen to think my wife is super hot. (She is technically a "cougar" but still looks younger than me.) is fun to see "how the young people dress" and interact. The young chicks at this wedding...well, Katie, you have some hot friends and/or new relatives. Note to the drunk, hot, single chick who hit on me...doing so in front of my wife was not safe for you (or me). (My wife does Tae Bo and can jab and kick with the best of them.) I do, however, appreciate the effort. Since you've seen what my wife looks like...sorry kid, better luck next time.

20 Something Chicks
Love the short "semi formal" dresses! Whoever designed them must have been a dude. Especially when paired with some "do me" pumps - jeez.

One word of caution...make sure your Brazilian thong (slightly larger than a postage stamp in back) is not visible. I'm sure she thought it would be dark in the room and hard to see. You forget that men aren't blind (to such things)...others, oh, yeah. Those gals were looking for Mr. Right Now. Think "Beth" from 40 Yr Old Virgin - only hotter with long brown hair.

20 Something Dudes
Get off your lazy a$$ and talk to the hot chicks. Holy doesn't get any better. 15 hot, single chicks at a wedding. 5 single dudes. WHY are you talking to your family? Go on the hunt!

40 Something Aunts
I actually had to leave the room I was laughing so hard. It was Saturday Night Fever meets the rump shaker and I've got pictures which will meet this blog if my demands are not met.

To the other wedding going on...drinking and driving...not too smart. I waited about 20 minutes after their reception ended to not drive around them. Yikes! I can go into greater detail about that wedding tomorrow...too much to skip out and enter a quick entry.

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