Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vitamin V - From Chuckie V

This is from Chuckie V's blog. It is a well written piece. If I got a prescription for "the little blue triangle" my wife would want to know why. Enjoy...

If you haven't already heard, there's been some BIG news as of late regarding athletes and the abuse of Viagra as a (sport) performance enhancer. Apparently the goal is STIFFER competition, as if things weren't already HARD enough. In both short and LONG events, like Ironmans for example, Vitamin V helps to build endurance by delivering more oxygen, nutrients and other performance-enhancing drugs (if, let's say, you're already doing those too, you cheater you) to WORKING MUSCLEs more efficiently. The blue pill, if you remember correctly, was initially developed as a heart medication used to improve blood flow to the arteries. It was eventually tested on mountaineers when certain side effects became noticeable and their high-altitude headaches ceased to THROB. Oddly, most these mountaineers were able to reach the CLIMAX of their expedition without even PULLING OUT of their tents.

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