Friday, June 6, 2008

Village CycleSport Thursday Night Ride Adds Another Great Female Cyclist

Yes, E.L.F. joined us last night and showed the roadie boys what it is like to pedal fast into the wind.  

You see usually it is one of we triathletes who pushes the pace as the roadies do an all out VO2 max sprint and the triathletes hang with...and then push the pace and rpms in the small chain ring on the recovery.  The roadies like to go 38 to 40 mph on the all out and then 14 mph on the recovery.  We triathletes...38 to 40 mph on the all out and then  17 to 20 mph on the recovery. the triathletes don't "win" all the sprints...but we are getting stronger for longer steady state riding.  Let me remind those of you who didn't read what happened when the top pros from Europe came to ride the Tour of Elk Grove with us.  They did 40 to 45 mph on the sprints and then rode the "RECOVERY" at 23 mph which was laughable for them.  Hard for us.  

I knew Elizabeth had made an impression when the guys started asking, "Who is the chick on the white Cervelo?"  

Way to go Liz!   We have to work on launching her for an interval "win".  We tried the "Shake and Bake" move and it fell apart.  


  1. Yea for fast bike groups and triathletes showing the roadies how THEY can ride too! Enjoy the rides with ELF and launch her off the front all you can!

  2. HILARIOUS! I loved the shake and bake move. Next time I will bring my TT bike with the super big cookie to launch myself off the front. I WILL BE THERE THIS WEEK! That was the strangest yet most fun ride I have ever done. It was like track practice on a bike. And, dude, what was with the guy in the full race skit with the disc wheel, track bike and race #? Crazy roadies.

  3. We should show up in race kits and Ironman numbers. The roadie on the track bike cracks me up!

    Don't you just love how folks fly and die? No thought on building up wattage. No thought about pacing each interval. No point or purpose...yet, if you do think about your strategy regarding the training session you are still up front! Would be interesting to see if we just blew ourselves out from the start.

    See you Thursday. Nice job at Eagleman. I think I could fit in my wife's socks...