Monday, June 30, 2008

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10 years ago I was:
Working for Andersen Consulting and trying to workout 100 hour weeks. (My first two weeks with the firm (out of training) were 103 and 105 hours. My overtime check was nice.) I typically had 40 hours in at the end of business on a Tuesday. I worked with Tim Hola at a client site and got to swim, bike and run with him and Nikki. I was learning how to train and race, so was he. Shows you what you can do with solid years of hard work and humble focus.

5 years ago I was:
Starting my taper for IM USA - Lake Placid. I think our race is still the "worst ever" for IM USA - 11" of rain on race day, 60 F, 50 mph winds HOWLING through the valleys. My race was pretty good: 11:35 something I believe on a brutal day. Working at GATX as a SAP Project Manager - totally kicking ass and taking names.

1 year ago I was:
Trying to figure out where I am going; somewhere I lost my way. Maybe it was too much racing and not enough fun in 2005 - 2007?

Five things on my do do list today:
1) Hug my wife and tell her I love her - first thing in the morning and again when I see her tonight and thank God for everything we are given - good and "bad".
2) Teach spinning and tell my class that I'll be leaving this club. This hurts because I love this club and the people in it.
3) Book my dad's physical - now that my dad is a grandpa it is my responsibility to drag him to the doctor like a dog to the vet. A time honored position of the eldest child.
4) Send workout plans to my athletes. It is "testing" time!
5) Call 2XU and straighten out my order.

Five snacks I like:
1) Guacamole and HOME MADE "chips"
2) Fresh strawberries and vanilla custard
3) Raspberries eaten standing right next to the bush
4) Fried green beans dipped in wasabi sauce
5) Skippy chunky peanut butter with chocolate chips mixed together
5a) Orange/Carrot - fresh juice

If I were a Billionaire I would:
1) Take the first $200 M and give it to ALS research and kick this disease right in the cubes.
2) Take the second $200 M and give it to Cancer research and rip the "cer" off the back of it.
3) Take the third $200 M and give it to heart/lung research and pump new life into research.
4) Take the fourth $200 M and help every person who ever helped me with anything.
5) Take the last $200 M and set my family up to have extraordinary futures by funding their education or career re-education.

Five Places I've Lived:
Chicago, IL (Andersenville - Foster Ave and Ashland Ave.)
Schaumburg, IL
Columbia, MO
Wheaton, IL (lived with the in-laws when my 1st condo was being painted - BEFORE I married their daughter)
Port Barrington, IL

Ten Jobs I've had: Bree wanted 5 - I give you 10!
Director of the Project Management Office - NEW!
Management Consultant
DJ - radio show, weddings, parties, etc.
Entrepreneur (owned a financial services firm - insurance, investments, financial planning)
Radio & TV Voice over "talent"
TV News Anchor
Newspaper columnist
Pesticide and Fertilizer applicator
Truck Mechanic
Mosquito control lab tech and researcher


  1. I LOVE the first thing on your to-do list... hug th wife! AWESOME, who knew your sharp witty side has a soft spot too!

    AND your snacks are making me hungry...!

  2. Hey Kid Kona! My wife and I joke that we both "out kicked our coverage" or "are out over our skis" when we found each other.

    Long legs and a high IQ...although the marrying me part puts into question the high IQ part. :P