Sunday, June 15, 2008

Spectacular Saturday

The Saturday ride had a new person...Tamirra. "T" as she is known in our house, is from Austin, TX and a client of mine with great potential at the Ironman distance. The weather was spectacular on Saturday here. Clear and sunny. Warm enough to be really nice but not too hot.

We rode out to "The Wall" to see how she'd do. We saw a spectacular blue finch. An amazing bird. Sort of a Zoot racing flats meets bird. Cool. After riding the wall we saw Brad U. who had flatted and was our of tubes and CO2 cartridges. I gave him one of mine and we got him back on the road home. We had THREE CARS stop and ask if we needed any help. That is a first. Up the wall we went - I did it seated! My position on the road bike is getting closer to dialed in.

On the way out we saw one of the VPs and friends of mine from work - Tony Laska and his son going out for their long run. We saw them returning when we went back. We also saw several LARGE groups of cyclists. Apparently, had a Ironman Canada training camp in our area this weekend. I thought I saw Jimmy, Paula, Roch and Paul all out on the roads. Lots of VQ (Vision Quest) jerseys too. I thought that this was due to the Horribly Hilly 200k being on the verge of cancellation. I later learned that the HHH (Horribly Hilly Hundreds) did occur so this camp was something else. There seems to be a real fire in the belly for Ironman Canada in Chicago this year. I know Robbie Ventura - formerly of the USPS Cycling Team and Vision Quest founder - is racing there. Robbie has always been good to me. I hope he does well. Robbie fit me on my TT bike originally and I've done some cycling LT tests with him as well.

With all the rain north of here, and hard storms late Saturday and early Sunday...I wonder if the Fox river will spill its banks down the road from home? In 1993 we saw fish swimming across the road. We haven't seen that yet but some yards in my town are completely flooded.

What a ride!

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