Monday, June 23, 2008

Politically Incorrect and Proud of It

Today at lunch I was on the phone with a client and friend. I made a comment in the car (she was on the phone) and she said, "Wow, that isn't politically correct."

Yep...don't know where you stand with me? Ask. I'll tell you the truth to your face (or ear).

Truth is a lost art. Political correctness is offensive (to those with a few neurons still functioning) and unproductive in business and life. Honesty and truth (when mixed with kindness and delivered as constructive criticism) can make a champions of us all in anything we do. If you mask the truth, then how can we change what is wrong?

You can't. You still would have to figure out what is wrong.

Allow me to start with myself...Current fitness grade = F (D - maybe)

Fitness and current season:
I have a small aerobic base from the winter because I didn't train enough in the pool, cycling and weight room. I ran enough, but the volume on my unprepared body caused severe achilles tendinitis. Additionally, my winter's lack of disciplined eating combined with the lack of swim and cycling volume only multiplied the issues with extra weight. My performance at the FL 70.3 is a result of trying not to get hurt with a woefully unprepared body on the mend. This is the truth.

The rest of 2008:
It started. Change. I made a decision and now am working toward a goal. (Mainly, not to embarrass myself at the Chicago Triathlon Triple in August.) (60 days to go) I've made several changes and now am working toward that goal. This is the short term goal. I am really training this summer in order to train this winter for 2009. You don't just wake up ready for whichever race you are doing. It takes time, hard work...and a bit of fanaticism. Lou Holtz once said, "Championships aren't won when the band is playing and the fans are in the stands."

Winter of 2008/9:
There will be massive differences in my training, eating and attitude.

This is the life of a project manager and life manager - brutally honest.

Don't like the truth...change it.

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