Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nicole and Tim DeBoom at Runner's High in Arlington Hts Tomorrow

Mr. and Ms. DeBoom will be at Runner's High in Arlington Heights tomorrow at 7pm.

The only I talk to Tim about coaching? Hmm...


  1. Nahh, I know a better coach. Only you can't coach yourself, right? (I'm honestly not sucking up so you won't make me do intervals on the Wall. Although if that occurs to you, I can write more. . .)
    I heard about Les DeBooms at Runner's High as I bought Skirt Sports stuff at 15 percent off. Oh, and some Carbo Pro for upcoming bike rides.!

  2. Thanks Tamirra...only sucking up won't work! We'll ride the wall a few times Saturday - you can't leave until you do! You'll dig it (mostly...when its over) I promise.