Monday, June 2, 2008

The Lynskey Performance R420: Handling, Climbing and Descending

I've been pretty busy at work so most of my rides have been under two hours since my race in FL.  Yesterday, I called a few friends and we put in 3.5 hours with some challenging hills and tight S-curves.  Here is my opinion on how the new R420 handled.

WOW!  If you ski at all you know what it is like to dive into a turn and come ripping out the other side.  I was shredding corners and pulling away from the group even though I am not the best cyclist in the group.  The bike seemed to know where it wanted to go.

Mike was working the climbs hard.  I was "just riding them" and holding my heart rate in the 143 - 151 range.  I was right on his wheel.  The Wall - see the description below - seemed easier seated.  (Are you kidding me?)

I saved the best for last.  There is a town called Bull Valley which is all about some great hills.  The hardest being the legendary "Wall" which is .87 miles long at 18% grade.  Most people around here avoid it unless they are going down it.  You hit about 55 mph if you don't pedal down this sucker.  I had not ridden a hill like this on my R420 and was just going to take it easy going down.  (There had been deer spotted walking across the bottom of the road earlier in the weekend and I am still learning how to handle this high end machine.)  I commented to Mike that the bike seemed to WANT to go down the hill.  It was like when you ride a horse and the horse gets frustrated at you because it knows what to do better than the rider.


PS: Sunday's ride had the most courteous and nice automobile drivers I've ever experienced in IL.  We had several people waving (will all five fingers), smiling and saying "hello" at stop signs.  I guess the weather has finally broken and people are starting to lighten up.

Safe riding to you.

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