Monday, June 30, 2008

Get Well Soon Brad Moore

I just heard through the grape vine that my good friend and sometime training partner Brad Moore was out cycling yesterday on Spring Creek Road in Barrington Hills and hit a deer.

Brad is in the hospital with three broken ribs and a collapsed lung. No word on how the deer is, but if it is one of the bigger male deer, I'm thinking the deer is just fine.
*I'll be visiting Brad later if you care to join me.

Brad was training for Ironman Canada.

Having nearly hit deer while on my bike, I can tell you it is darn scary to have a deer run out onto the street out of the trees and stop right in front of you when you zoom down a hill in Barrington.

Healing vibes and prayers for a fast recovery to Brad as well as his girlfriend Jen.


  1. Oh crap! I didn't hear this at all. Oh my gosh. Do you have any contact information for him? I mean, I have Jen's email...Jen hit too? I hope not! Let me know what you find out. Ugh. Jen H.

  2. Braddy-Bear, you'll do anything for attention, won't you. Thank God you are okay, I watched you come over the finish at IML on Sunday - you're phenomonal buddy as always, you inspire me constantly. Love to you.

  3. PS ... Brad, catch up w/me on iamtri when you're back. Hope you're okay.