Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Packing the office to move to another building.  Talking with recruiters looking for "talent" when my current employer chooses to ignore my experience and industry reputation for being a global leader in my field (yes, it is that insulting my current work).  Figuring out where to go next.  Do I stay here and hope someone dies or retires?  I have a pretty easy life.  I park my brain with my car daily.  Why aren't only some executives recruiting me to their teams and not all?  Should I bother talking to them or just leave?

These are my daily questions.

Triathlon....What about a new challenge?  Xterra?  Looking for the "right" coach for the "right" price and weighing  my options.  I feel the desire to do Ironman again but if I do IM I do it right.  Training, nutrition everything...without putting my entire live in the toilet.  I will NOT sacrifice my family life or work.  What happens if we have a child during this time?  I finish what I start.

What about finishing my MBA at the Univ. of Notre Dame?  I need to finish this to make the big bucks.  Time is wasting...

It is confusing and not all at the same time.  Does anyone have a work breakdown structure for all this?  

Once I get one of these knocked down, the rest should fall in line with a time schedule.

Light thoughts for a Tuesday, eh?

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  1. WHOA, BOB! This is kinda deep, eh? Just sit down and at the top write down WHAT makes you happy.
    #1: Lori...ok, that is easy...but then, #2, etc...and then connect the dots. I don't care about the house, don't care about cars, material things are nice...but at the end of the day, TRIATHLON (apart from family) makes me happy - so I do it - both as work and as a hobby. Why not you? Or find your passion and do it....money will always follow. you know that....! good luck....deep thinking! Jen H. :)