Thursday, June 12, 2008

Breaking the Pattern

Lorrie and I had a conversation last night.  We decided that drastic change needs to happen now.

So for dinner, instead of a solid meal...the last pig out.  Gyro, Greek rice, salad (I'm not crazy) and two German beers.  Our kitchen table has bills on it that need a procedure for filing pronto.  I hate clutter.

Tonight...we make changes.  After workout tonight (and all day) we'll be eating very well.  We threw out (or ate) all the "bad food".  Gone!  Before you freak out saying, "Didn't you do this already?"  Yes, we have.  We've also had visitors who brought us crap food too.  (Mom and dad)  So we will start over.

Tonight we will finish organizing the table. 

We will break the pattern.  

...and I'll puke at intervals tonight (weather permitting).

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